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You can help by reaching out to your Senators now to urge them to support funding for scleroderma research. Click here to easily contact your elected officials.

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Come and join our network of volunteer advocates. Whether it’s through a letter, fax, email, phone call, or in-person, connecting with your U.S. Representative and Senators is an important step in educating government officials about scleroderma and the impact it has on individuals and families in terms of health and economically.

Sign up for Action Alerts.

Action Alerts are time-sensitive announcements sent via email when it’s time to take action and contact your Senators and/or Representative about a vote or sponsorship of a bill that impacts people affected by scleroderma.

The Foundation provides background information to help you understand the issue and how to communicate about it. The most important part of responding to an action alert is telling your scleroderma story. Government works best when legislators understand the personal impact of legislation.

When you respond to an Action Alert, you will be sent to a web page that gives you the tools to send emails with clear information about the issue at hand. When you click “submit,” our website actually sends the email to your legislators with your name and contact info so their office knows you’re one of their constituents. You’ll receive a copy of the email, and you’ll have the option to invite others to join you in reaching out, too.