Building recognition and understanding of scleroderma and its impact on individuals and families

2020 Awareness Campaign


To know scleroderma is to understand the impact of a rare disease that is life threatening for many and can cause physical disabilities and change lives forever. The National Scleroderma Foundation designates June as scleroderma awareness month. Our message this year is to “know scleroderma.” Anyone can have scleroderma. The cause is still unknown and there is no cure. The National Scleroderma Foundation is leading the way in funding peer reviewed, innovative research. We can help you to know scleroderma and find your best path forward. The more you know scleroderma, the closer we get to overcoming scleroderma.

Social Media Outreach

During the month of June, the Foundation will post on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn), with video and photos that communicate what it means to “know scleroderma.”  We encourage everyone in the scleroderma community to share these posts onto their own social media accounts in order to reach the widest audience possible.

The 2022 awareness videos will be saved to our YouTube channel “Awareness” playlist.

Kick Off Video

Our social media kick off video features our celebrity ambassador, recording artist Ashley Barron, who was diagnosed with localized scleroderma at age 5. Also featured are Grace Pour, a youth with systemic sclerosis, Cynthia Peppers and Dan Caruso, who also have systemic sclerosis, a long-time donor, Martin Lehmann, and our CEO, Mary J. Wheatley.

Thank You to Our Sponsors