Patients as Partners

Together we will overcome scleroderma

Thank you for elevating the patient voice in the research and discovery process.

As the leading patient advocacy organization in scleroderma, we are delighted to provide an opportunity for our vetted partners to engage subject matter experts within our community. We have a successful track record of successful projects and panels with a number of partners. By working together to identify goals, and populate focus groups and panels, we are able to advance your mission and ensure your meeting outputs have a real impact for people living with scleroderma and related diseases. 

Patients as Partners is designed to work in in collaboration with our corporate partners across all areas of drug development, from clinical trial design and recruitment, to patient preferences for formularies and even post-approval activities.

Patients as Partners provides access to advocates who can provide significant impact and insight in the following areas: 

  • Protocol Reviews
  • Advisory Boards
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes
  • Marketing Development
  • Formulary Preferences 

Through the Patients as Partners program, we can collectively advance the development of therapies and enhance the patient experience and quality of life.

Thank you for your commitment to helping those living with scleroderma.

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