Advancing Research and Treatment

Apply for a research grant, improve clinical trial design, and expand clinical knowledge.


Researchers & Grants

Learn about scleroderma funding opportunities for new and established investigators, download grant applications and reporting documents, discover the Foundation’s mentor programs for investigators, and network with other scientists in the exchange of cutting edge knowledge.


Pharma & Biotech Patient Engagement

Discover opportunities for the Pharma and Biotech industry to connect with individuals who have scleroderma for the purpose of improving study design and defining trial outcomes.


Continuing Education

Access to medical knowledge about scleroderma is essential to physicians and nurses, because the rarity of the disease makes it difficult to recognize scleroderma as the underlying cause of symptoms that are common to other conditions.

Overcoming a complex disease like scleroderma requires the collaboration of many different communities of people. Connecting medical and scientific professionals with individuals affected by scleroderma is a win-win situation, because it puts the person at the center of the process.