National Conference

National Scleroderma Conference

July 15, 16, 17, 2022

Connect in person at the 2022 National Scleroderma Conference taking place in Bellevue, Washington, on July 15, 16, 17. Registration and scholarship applications should be available in February 2022. To stay up to date on conference news,

Connect in person at the 2022 National Scleroderma Conference taking place in Bellevue, Washington, on July 15, 16, 17. Registration and scholarship applications should be available in February 2022. To stay up to date on conference news, please submit your email here.

The annual National Scleroderma Conference is a special experience, particularly for first-time attendees, but also for those who return every year. The conference offers educational and networking opportunities for people living with scleroderma, caregivers, family members, and friends. It is also an excellent resource for physicians and other healthcare professionals, who seek more information about the disease.

Workshops, panel discussions, and other educational sessions are led by leading scleroderma researchers and healthcare professionals. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had scleroderma for many years, the National Scleroderma Conference is a great way to learn about the disease and to connect with others who are coping with scleroderma.

Video recordings of presentations by scleroderma experts at previous National Scleroderma Conferences are posted on Youtube page.

Questions about the National Scleroderma Conference should be directed to, or (800) 722-4673.

The Conference is for adults with scleroderma. Programming on pediatric scleroderma is presented separately in the Kids Get Scleroderma, Too!, (KGS2) conference. KGS2 is for children and teens who have scleroderma and their adult caregivers. To receive information about KGS2, please submit your email here.

Program and Schedule

The National Scleroderma Conference features a range of educational workshops presented by leading experts in their field that follow the different pathways that a person with scleroderma might experience. For example, newly diagnosed is one area of emphasis. Symptom management is another focal point for those who have been living with scleroderma for some time. Certain presentations are relevant to those who have localized scleroderma and others to those who have systemic scleroderma. And, there are sessions on research to keep you up to date on the latest results. Below is the 2021 schedule of virtual workshops. Even though the conference was virtual, the subject matter was typical of what the annual conference offers. Check this page in the future for programming information about the 2022 conference, July 15-17 in Bellevue, Washington.

Programming begins Friday evening with a welcome and keynote speaker, and an opportunity visit the exhibit hall and reconnect with old friends. Saturday is a full day of workshops and roundtable discussions, breaks to practice yoga, and is capped off with a social gathering after dinner. Sunday has more workshops and then a closing keynote speech wraps up our time together.

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Travel Information

The 2022 National Scleroderma Conference will take place in Bellevue, Washington, July 15, 16 & 17.

Check this page for information about getting around Bellevue and more.

Conference Scholarship Program

The National Scleroderma Conference brings hope to those who thought they were alone in the fight against scleroderma. Thanks to the generous support of many donors and chapters, conference scholarships will again be available for the 2022 conference.


Application Deadline: (To Be Announced)
Completed applications, along with the required financial documentation, must be received by the National Office by 5 p.m. Eastern.

If you have questions regarding the scholarship application form or process, please email or call (800) 722-4673.

  • Scholarships are only available to the following individuals: adults living with scleroderma, children living with scleroderma, and parent caregivers of minor children living with scleroderma.

  • Only one scholarship application will be accepted per family. Funds can only be used for one member of the family unless the application is for a minor child with scleroderma who must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. The scholarship would then be given to the minor child living with scleroderma and ONE parent and/or guardian.

  • Previous conference scholarship award recipients are ineligible to apply until three (3) years after the year of the initial award, e.g., if you attended the 2019 conference with a scholarship, you may apply again for the 2022 conference.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Each year, our growing community of attendees looks forward to discovering the latest and greatest in scleroderma information and quality of life products that our conference exhibit hall provides. As an exhibitor, you will enjoy connecting with the world’s largest gathering of individuals living with scleroderma, caregivers, and healthcare professionals from all over the country.

To secure exhibit space, please contact us at

For unique and high-profile sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jess Haas Gréus, Director of Development & Major Gifts,, or call (800) 722-HOPE (4673), ext. 241.