Treating Scleroderma

Treatment options for scleroderma can help prevent, minimize, or alleviate its effects and symptoms. Just as no two people with scleroderma experience the same journey, no two treatment plans are the same.

Build Your Team

Our national network of chapters provides support and education people affected by scleroderma in the communities where they live.

Trials and Treatments

Clinical trials are designed to test new approaches to providing medical care. Through clinical trials, researchers can potentially develop new ways to diagnose, prevent, detect, and treat diseases.


After your child is diagnosed with localized scleroderma, he or she should be followed closely be a pediatric rheumatologist with the help of a pediatric dermatologist. The overall goal of treatment and management is to minimize the impact of the disease on your child’s current and future life, weighing the risks and benefits of medication.

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