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Find a Designated Scleroderma Research & Treatment Center

To ensure individuals with scleroderma are provided with knowledgeable resources about diagnosis, care, and research, the National Scleroderma Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board established the following criteria under which medical institutions can be designated as a scleroderma research and treatment center.

  • Demonstrate expertise in the care of individuals with scleroderma
  • Conduct scleroderma research (clinical and or observational and/or laboratory-based)
  • Conduct educational activities about scleroderma and provide information about the advances in the care and treatment of individuals with scleroderma to health care professionals and the public.

Use the search tool to locate a Designated Scleroderma Research & Treatment Center near you. Please note: To make an appointment or inquire about ongoing studies, contact each center directly.

If you live in a geographic area that is not served by a Designated Scleroderma Research and Treatment Center, please contact the Foundation to find a rheumatologist with experience treating individuals with scleroderma,, (800) 722-4673.

If you are interested in having your scleroderma center listed, please contact

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