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The Scleroderma Center of Thomas Jefferson University

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Contact Information

211 South 9th Street Suite 600,
Philadelphia, PA, 19107
(215) 955-8405

211 South 9th Street Suite 509, Life Sciences Building

Physicians Afilliated with this Center:
  • Fabian A Mendoza, MD, FACR, Rheumatology
  • Sidney Cohen, MD, Gastroenterology
  • Anthony J. DiMarino, Jr., MD, Gastroenterology
  • Sandra B. Weibel, MD, Pulmonary Medicine/Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Michael Scharf, MD, Pulmonary Medicine/Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Albert N. Brest, MD, Cardiology
  • Philip Nimoityn, MD, Cardiology
  • Howard H. Weitz, MD, Cardiology
  • Jason Lee, M.D, Dermatology
  • Mathew Keller, MD, Dermatology
  • Jason Lee, M.D, Dermatopathology
  • Niles Nicolo, D.D.S., Dental Surgery
  • Lee A. Osterman, MD, Hand Surgery

Appointments: (215) 955-8430 If an earlier appointment is needed please talk with our office manager, Elizabeth.

Studies & Trials

To learn about scleroderma research at this institution, please contact: Marsha Simmons RN; Research Coordinator