Celebrate our 25th anniversary: Many Journeys, One Mission

For 25 years, the National Scleroderma Foundation has been a relentless force of support, research, and education to those battling scleroderma, their family and caregivers, and countless researchers.



Many Journeys, One Mission

Throughout our 25 years we have witnessed and participated in many journeys, but what has connected us all is one mission.



To advance medical research, promote disease awareness, and provide support and education to people with scleroderma, their families and support networks.

-Mission of the National Scleroderma Foundation



In 1998, two Foundations merged – Scleroderma Federation & United Scleroderma Foundation – with the vision to diminish competition and duplication of programs, services, and research. Without their vision, commitment, and passion for serving the scleroderma community, the National Scleroderma Foundation would not be here today.



We hope you will join us in 2023 as we celebrate this momentous milestone that could not be possible without you – our community!

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