Chapter Leadership Council

Chapter Leadership Council

The Chapter Leadership Council consists of prominent individuals from the scleroderma community who partner for the overall success of the National Scleroderma Foundation. The Council is made up of the Chairs of each chapter’s Chapter Advisory Committee. One representative from the Chapter Leadership Council sits on the National Board of Directors. In addition to creating a nationwide network of chapter leadership, this allows for greater linkage and communication between the National Board of Directors and Chapters.

The Chapter Leadership Council was approved by the Board of Directors in December 2021. They began in July 2022, and member terms run on the fiscal year as new Chapter Chairs are appointed and reappointed annually.

Chapter Leadership Council Members

Peggy Collins, Council Chair, Upper Great Lakes Chapter Chair

Desiree James, Florida and Puerto Rico Chapter Chair

Rhonda Costa, Heartland Chapter Chair

Lucille Miller, Lower Great Lakes Chapter Chair

Nancy Waltermire, Mid-Atlantic Chapter Chair

Jane Ladas, New England Chapter Chair

Christina Fidalgo, Pacific Northwest Chapter

Travis Bruyere, Rocky Mountain Chapter Chair

Susan Melvin, Southeast Chapter Chair

Debbie Charlton, Texoma Chapter Chair

Marc Kreiger, Tri-State Chapter Chair

Ashley Pruett, Staff Liaison

Open – South Chapter

Open – West Coast Chapter