The Hard Thing About Scleroderma Is That Every Person Has Different Symptoms

Greg and Debra Lurvey

“The hard thing about scleroderma is that every person has different symptoms, a different progression, a different experience–but everyone can turn to the National Scleroderma Foundation as a resource and support.”
–Greg Lurvey

Greg and Debra Lurvey first connected with the National Scleroderma Foundation when his wife, Debra, began battling painful and complex skin, lung, and GI symptoms.  Debra was eventually diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, and her battle with the disease was a difficult one requiring supplemental oxygen for over 10 years. 

But Debra and Greg fought scleroderma together.  And even after Debra’s passing, Greg didn’t stop fighting.

In 2021, Greg and his family decided to partner with the National Scleroderma Foundation to establish the Debra Lurvey Memorial Research Grant in Debra’s honor. 

“The National Scleroderma Foundation has provided our family with support as a patient and it also supports research that directly contributed to a working body of knowledge used to treat Debra and others like her.”

Through the Debra Lurvey Memorial Research Grant and as a founding member of the Scleroderma Hope Society, Greg continues to care for people with scleroderma.  There are no limits to how his care will impact the scleroderma community in the years to come!  

“There are many ways to help and places to donate,” Greg said, “but the National Scleroderma Foundation has the longest reach to this specialized research community…We hope others connected to the National Scleroderma Foundation will also feel moved to donate–whether it is to this grant, a new endowment, or to the Foundation in general. Hopefully, by bringing attention to the level of funds available to the medical community, we can generate interest in scleroderma and get more researchers involved at the early stages of development.”