Lucille Miller Is Adapting the Game

Check out Lucille Miller, Chair of the Ohio Chapter Advisory Committee – curling! Here’s a little more about her experience from yesterday.

“Adaptive sports have always been my passion. Because I’m not able to play sports like others, many volunteers help to find a way to make your dream come true! People ask me, ‘how can you do this with Raynauds?’ That’s a very good question! Adaptively is the quick answer. There are special gloves and mittens that keep you toasty. My husband and I play on a league at the Mayfield Curling Club here in Cleveland. I wear an adaptive device on my left foot. I’m not able to sweep due to my scleroderma lung Involvement. I’m so thankful that I’m able to play and have an extra sweeper! Our club is completely ADA accessible, and we had the honor to host veterans for some wheelchair curling fun! They were fabulous and want to come back!”