Welcome to Lower Great Lakes Serving the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio
About Us

The Lower Great Lakes Chapter is part of a national network of chapters under the Scleroderma Foundation. Its main purpose is to serve as a local resource for individuals affected by scleroderma and their families within their designated geographical area, which includes Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

Our chapter is dedicated to raising awareness about scleroderma, providing support and education to patients, and funding promising research projects. We strive to empower individuals affected by scleroderma, improve their quality of life, and ultimately find a cure for the disease. By connecting individuals to a supportive community and providing them with valuable knowledge, our chapter helps them navigate the challenges of living with scleroderma.

Support & Resources

Within these pages find information about support groups that connect you with others affected by scleroderma and scleroderma education programs to understand the disease and manage symptoms.

Get Involved

Community members are the voice and lifeline of fundraising and scleroderma awareness for each chapter. In fact, volunteers are the foundation of our chapters’ success.

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